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Select from a range of mainly mathematics resources written in New Zealand for teachers to use in the classroom or as a homework resource, plus a range of Student Workbooks for parents / care-givers, home-schoolers & tutors can use at home.

Mathematics is a universal subject, therefore these resources are also suitable for use in countries other than New Zealand.  If purchasing from outside of New Zealand, please select PDF versions only. 

If you are interested in book versions being sent outside of New Zealand, please contact the author (Contact) to discuss your needs and arrange for additional postage & packaging costs. 

Looking for mathematics resources to use at home ….

Parents, care-givers, home-schoolers or tutors looking for resources, please select from the RESOURCES FOR HOME section of the shop.

You can now …

  • select from one of a series of NINE Student Workbook Series, available for Year 1 to 9 students,
  • download a FREE evaluation copy of each workbook before you buy,
  • select from a range of NINE Numeracy Flash Cards sets.
  • Help your child at home and save on expensive tuition fees!!!
  • Contact the author directly (Contact) if you need help selecting (03 338 0516).

Looking for mathematics resources to use at school ….

Teachers looking for resources, please select from the RESOURCES FOR SCHOOL section of the shop.

You can now …

  • select resources by Year Group or by Series,
  • download a FREE evaluation copy of all resources before you buy,
  • personalise Student Workbooks and Homework Diaries with your school name / logo
  • receive bulk order discounts when ordering class sets of either Student Workbooks and Homework Diaries
  • charge purchases to your New Zealand school’s default SCHOOL ACCOUNT.  Conditions apply for school accounts, see FAQsPolicies pages.
  • Contact the author if you have any inquires (Contact) or 03 338 0516.
  • purchase resources in the format that best suits your needs,
  • SAVE $$$ by selecting one of the Book, PDF & Data Projector COMBO Deals available,
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What are the different learning styles and why are paper resources useful?

  • We learn using one or more of the following styles, either by watching (visual learners), by listening (auditory learners) or by doing (kinesthetic learners). 
  • With more & more online learning occurring, the learning styles are focused more on watching and listening, rather than doing.
  • Using a paper resource requires a student to first read what they are being asked to do, follow some instructions, and show some working or write down an answer.
  • Research shows that the act of writing (doing), engages the brain in the learning process, by stimulating your brain to be more actively involved in the learning process.  Typing or using touch on an ipad, on the other hand, involves just pressing or selecting identical looking keys.
  • When using online resources, it if often difficult for anyone to go back and check the work to determine why answers were incorrect.  With a paper based resource, you have a permanent record that can be reviewed anytime.
  • So ….. let’s get back to basics and use good old fashioned pen & paper … as well as the modern devices available!!