A note from the author …  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.   If your question is not answered here, have a look at the Policies page on my website.  If there is anything that you are unsure about, please contact me directly on 03 338 0516 or via  e-mail (Andrew Stark). 

Can I view a resource before I purchase?

  • Yes … all of my book resources can be previewed by clicking on the words ‘FREE Evaluation Copy‘ that appear on the information pages for each resource or series of resources.
  • This feature enables you to view each resource in full online, page-by-page, therefore we do not supply resources on approval.

Who can use these resources?

  • All Student Workbook series and Numeracy Flash Card Series have been written for use in schools by teachers or at home by parents / care-givers.
  • Parents or care-givers looking for resources to use at home, please look at the Resources for Home section of the website.  
  • Within the Resources for Schools section, there are Blackline PHOTOCOPY master resources.  These resources have been written primarily for teachers and are priced accordingly.  These resources can be photocopied by teachers within the school that have purchased the resources.  Parents can buy these resources for personal use only.  
  • See the Policies page for more details.

What are PDF e-books & Data Projector versions?

  • All photocopy master resources are available in PDF format as an alternative to purchasing a paper book version.
  • A PDF e-book is an electronic version of the printed version.
  • A Data Projector
  • A link to a PDF resource is e-mailed to you directly at the time of purchase once payment has been completed (Credit Card & Internet payment options) or manually once a school account purchase has been approved.
  • PDF resources can be downloaded to a personal PC and then loaded onto a school based server and used by all teachers at your school.
  • You have ONE opportunity to download the PDF or Data Projector PDF.  The downloaded file will be saved to your PC in the download folder.  However, please contact the author if you have any problems.

Can I order using an account?

  • Yes …. All teachers within a New Zealand school can automatically have an account, provided you use a school based e-mail address when you register and that resources are sent to the school where you teach.
  • When at the checkout, select the ‘School Account’ payment option.
  • All School Account Orders are checked and completed manually, including PDF e-book download purchases.  If you require PDF e-books immediately, please select either the credit card or internet banking payment option.

How much does postage & packaging cost?

  • ALL book and Combo orders incur a postage & packaging cost, added during the checkout process. 
  • For New Zealand orders, there is a one-off Postage & Packaging cost of $4.50 (inc GST), then additional costs per book based on the number of books in your shopping cart.
  • There are no postage & packaging charges for PDF and Data Projector orders, if ordered alone, i.e. not part of a combo deal.

Can I get a discount?

  • Yes …. the more you buy, the bigger the discount.
  • Check out the HOME page for the discount coupon codes and conditions of purchase.
  • Once you have completed your selection, go to the checkout.
  • Enter the appropriate discount coupon code and click on the ‘recalculate’ shipping cart option … the new total cost will be displayed, allowing you to complete the purchase.

If I order Student Workbooks & Homework Diaries for school, can I get a bulk order discount?

  • Yes …. ALL schools using Student Workbooks or Homework Diaries, please order directly using the Bulk Order Forms that can be downloaded from the website. 
  • There are no postage & packing charges for bulk orders.
  • A per workbook or diary price applies, based on the total quantity ordered.

What are the different learning styles and why are paper resources useful?

  • We learn using one or more of the following styles, either by watching (visual learners), by listening (auditory learners) or by doing (kinesthetic learners). 
  • With more & more online learning occurring, the learning styles are focused more on watching and listening, rather than doing.
  • Using a paper resource requires a student to first read what they are being asked to do, follow some instructions, and show some working or write down an answer.
  • Research shows that the act of writing (doing), engages the brain in the learning process, by stimulating your brain to be more actively involved in the learning process.  Typing or using touch on an ipad, on the other hand, involves just pressing or selecting identical looking keys.
  • When using online resources, it if often difficult for anyone to go back and check the work to determine why answers were incorrect.  With a paper based resource, you have a permanent record that can be reviewed anytime.
  • So ….. let’s get back to basics and use good old fashioned pen & paper … as well as the modern devices available!!