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NSB5: A Complete Guide to Numeracy – Book 5


Resource Code: NSB5
Use at suggested Year Group (BOLD)  5 – 6 – 7

This resource is one of a series of SEVEN resources introducing / revising the Numeracy Facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

All resources are sold as Black-line PHOTOCOPY MASTERS, available as a Book or PDF version.

NSB5: FREE Evaluation Copy

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Why use this resource?

The aim of this resource is to provide a systematic way in which the basic numeracy facts can be introduced and revised so that pupils will be able to recall these facts with accuracy and speed.  Knowledge of the numeracy facts, forms the foundation for a pupil’s confidence and success in all areas of mathematics.

On each A4 sized page there are 5 sets of questions involving basic numeracy facts presented in various ways.  It is intended that one set would be used each day for 30 weeks of the year, at the beginning of ‘Maths’ time.  This would establish a routine of working on numeracy facts every day in a structured way, plus act as a focusing activity to settle pupils to the mathematics tasks to come.

If used in this way, it is important that pupils get immediate feed-back by way of having the questions marked either by a classmate or the teacher.  Pupils are able to graph their results on the Pupil Recording Sheets included with this resource.

There are several Assessment Activity Sheets included that can be used as pre or post assessments to determine a pupil’s prior numeracy skill level or to show improvement that has been made.

Along with the Assessment Sheets, there are Recording & Reporting Sheets that can be used to provide pupils and parents / caregivers with information about a pupil’s numeracy skill level, showing strength areas or areas where improvement is needed.  These Recording Sheets can be placed in a pupil’s Cumulative School Records.


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