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L1MS: A Complete Guide to Statistics – Level 1


Resource Code: L1MS
Use at suggested Year Group (BOLD)  12 – 3

This resource is one of a series of SIX resources written utilising the objectives as stated in Mathematics in the New Zealand Curriculum for Level 1.

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L1MS: FREE Evaluation Copy

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Why use this resource?

Previously within Level 1 of the In-Class Mathematics Worksheet Series there were FIVE resources covering the Mathematics in the New Zealand Curriculum strands of Number, Measurement, Geometry, Algebra and Statistics.  However the strands have been combined:  Number & Algebra, Geometry & Measurement and Statistics.

Work has begun on revising the entire series of ‘In-Class’ Curriculum Mathematics Worksheet series and the Number & Algebra resources for Levels 1 & 2 are now completed.  The old versions in Number (L1MN) and Algebra (L1MA) are still available as PDF versions at a reduced price.  To overcome the issue of curriculum levels spanning more than one year, there are now two books available, i.e. for Year 1 and Year 2 for the new Number & Algebra combined strand books.

Each new resource (NAL1a & NAL1b) has 50 worksheets, which includes some revision / assessment sheets.  The content of each Level book has been determined by information contained within the three documents: New Zealand Mathematics Curriculum, Numeracy Professional Development Project and Mathematics Standards.

To view more information about this series, download one of the FREE Evaluation copies and read the first few pages.

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