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ML3: Multi-Level Assessment Series – Book 3


Resource Code: ML3
Use at suggested Year Group (BOLD) 5-6789-10

This resource is one of a series of THREE assessment resources covering three consecutive levels for each strand of the New Zealand Mathematics curriculum.  

All resources are sold as Black-line PHOTOCOPY MASTERS, available as a Book or PDF version.

ML3: FREE Evaluation Copy

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Why use this resource?

This is one of a series of THREE resources written utilising the Achievement Objectives as stated in Mathematics in the New Zealand Curriculum.  

  • ML1:  Curriculum Levels 1 / 2 / 3
  • ML2:  Curriculum Levels 2 / 3 / 4
  • ML3:  Curriculum Levels 3 / 4 / 5

There are 3 parallel assessments prepared for each strand of the curriculum, giving you a total 15 assessments.  This gives the opportunity to pre-test and post-test pupils.  

These resources have been designed to assist you to determine the curriculum level a pupil is working at, through a series of graduated questions covering 3 consecutive levels on the Mathematics in the New Zealand Curriculum.  The In-Class series of curriculum strand resources are linked to this series, providing backup resources for teaching / revising each achievement objective for the five strands.

The data you collect about each pupil or the class can be used in several ways such as deciding on grouping arrangements within the class, highlighting areas of concern or strength for each pupil and helping you to decide on the teaching programme for a term or part of the year.  

Pupil Record Sheets are included which can be used to record results and note the ‘value added’ for each pupil.  

This series of resources has been written with you in mind. I am sure you will find this resource easy to use and of benefit to you and your classes.  

A series of FIVE complementary resources are also available, entitled Mathematics Single Level Assessment Series.

For more information about this series, download one of the FREE Evaluation copies and read the first few pages.


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