H4: Year 4 Homework Diaries – Series 1


Resource Codes: H4B1 & H4B2

Use at suggested Year Group (BOLD)  3 – 4 – 5

For each Year Group there are two diaries (Book 1: Terms 1 & 2 and Book 2: Terms 3 & 4). 

All diaries can be personalised to your school.  Download the Homework Diary Order Form to see the options available and use this form if ordering class sets.

If you use a data projector at your school, please feel free to download the Data Projector version of the answers, for use in class.

H4B1: FREE Evaluation Copy
H4B2: FREE Evaluation Copy

H4B1: FREE Data Projector Version (Answers)
H4B2: FREE Data Projector Version (Answers)

Scroll down to read more information about this series or download one of the FREE Evaluation copies and read the first few pages.

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Information about this series …

The series of Homework Diary has been written to co-ordinate and support the homework programme at your school.  The use of a Homework Diary adds to the importance of the homework that is being set.

Why use a homework diary?

  •  Educational research shows that homework needs to be regular to be most effective.
  • Homework reinforces skills and knowledge gained in the classroom and increases a child’s confidence in his / her own ability.

Each diary contains …

  • a contract to be signed between child, care-giver and teacher,
  • helpful ideas for parents / care-givers,
  • pages to record homework for 20 weeks,
  • a prepared spelling list of 10 words on each page,
  • space for your child to record his / her own spelling words,
  • a space to practise writing his / her spelling words,
  • a space to record stories your child has read during the week,
  • a prepared list of basic number facts, providing a regular maintenance programme,
  • a prepared English or Mathematical activity for each week,
  • a space to record the AWS Teacher Resources homework sheet to be completed each week,
  • a space to record other homework to be done during the week, plus forth-coming events,
  • a ‘Tasks completed’ check list,
  • a space for care-givers to write comments,
  • a space for the classroom teacher / Principal to write comments.

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Diary purchase options ...

H4B1: Year 2 (Terms 1 & 2), H4B2: Year 3 (Terms 3 & 4)