Help Me at Home Student Workbook Series


This is a series of EIGHT Mathematics Student Workbooks covering what is expected to be taught in New Zealand schools (Years 1 to 8).

Download a FULL FREE evaluation copy listed below, to learn more about what is covered in each workbook.

AHS1: Book 1 (Year 1/2)
AHS2: Book 2 (Year 3)
AHS3: Book 3 (Year 4)
AHS4: Book 4 (Year 5)
AHS5: Book 5 (Year 6)
AHS6: Book 6 (Year 7)
AHS7: Book 7 (Year 8)
AHS8: Book 8 (Year 8/9)

The suggested Year Group that each workbook is noted in the brackets.

Note for teachers:
Bulk Order
discounts are available for schools, plus the workbook covers can be personalised to your school. 

Download the HMAH Series Bulk Order Form for printing & pricing options.

ALL student workbooks DO NOT have an answer included unless requested.  An answer section can be added to the book, sold separately as a booklet or sent as a PDF.

All workbooks in this series are also available as Blackline PHOTOCOPY MASTER & Data Projector versions, for use in class as an assessment, revision, remedial or extension resource.


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Book 1 (no answers), Book 2 (no answers), Book 3 (no answers), Book 4 (no answers), Book 5 (no answers), Book 6 (no answers), Book 7 (no answers), Book 8 (no answers)


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